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Elderly Fall Alert

1 out of 3 seniors experience a fall in their home each year, and those seniors are now more than twice as likely to fall again. While you may not be able to prevent all falls, you can make sure that you don’t spend hours on the floor with an elderly fall alert.

These inexpensive systems connect you to medically trained personnel who will send emergency assistance.

Too many seniors have spent hours and even days on the floor in pain, waiting for someone to find them. An elderly fall alert can make sure that this never happens again. Simply press your small waterproof alert button and an operator will come over the speaker box within seconds and remain on the line until help arrives.

For loved ones, an elderly fall alert provides peace of mind, even if you live far away, knowing that you will be contacted in the event of an emergency. Make the smart decision for you or your loved one by protecting them with an elderly fall alert.


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